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Rebirthing Breathwork – A Simple Yet Magical Experience

Have you ever wondered, “Is there is something that can heal me with minimum effort and make my life simpler?”

Have you been curious about “How can I effortlessly go beyond my intellect, logic, and personalities to really know myself?”

Rebirthing Breathwork is the answer I found to the above questions when I least expected it.

Undergoing the sessions has been one of the most magnificent times I enjoyed being with myself. I don’t remember breathing being so pleasurable and satisfying.

And in that moment, I decided that this is what I need to bring into the lives of my clients, family, and friends. For many months, I was looking for something, an “X” factor, to create a shift in the healing and counselling sessions of my clients. All the techniques I learnt till now worked with intellect, logic, and beliefs. I was looking for something that transcended the mind, the memories and worked directly at the sub-conscious levels. 

Rebirthing Breathwork does that effortlessly. I still can’t believe that in a matter of a few sessions, I felt a deep release of trauma, memories, emotions which I didn’t even know were still lingering inside me.

In this article you will learn about what is Rebirthing Breathwork, what happens in the Rebirthing Breathwork session, the benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork, the Rebirthing Breathwork experiences that people have had and much more.

So here we go…!


Rebirthing Breathwork, What is Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork or Rebirthing Therapy can also be called conscious breathing, intuitive breathing, and even as energy breathing. 

It is learning to breathe directly from the divine power deep within you. It gives you an effortless method to access your spiritual strength and life force energy. 

It’s a very valuable and simple skill. It is a practical skill you can use everyday. You can use it to relax, eliminate stress and tension, to increase creativity energy, to regain enthusiasm, and get back your health. We can clean and balance our energy body daily. 

Leonard Orr, the founder of rebirthing breathwork said that Maha avatar babaji, the eternal youthful yogi, calls rebirthing breathwork “An American form of Prana Yoga” 

Rebirthing therapy involves important spiritual work that you do on yourself using a series of conscious intuitive breathing energy cycles. I will explain more about this energy cycle in detail later in the article.

Conscious breathing can enable us to master or at least manage efficiently both physical and emotional pain. 


rebirthing breathwork, Rebirthing session, what happens in rebirthing breathwork session

What I really love the most about Rebirthing Breathwork is how simple it is. 

It begins with you lying down and completely relaxing yourself. The session starts with being present in the Here and Now using the breath.

Then the facilitator, also known as the Rebirther, supports you emotionally and guides you into a circular breathing pattern.

The circular breathing pattern is conscious, gentle, connected, and rhythmic breaths. It is completely intuitive and there is absolutely no effort to push the air in or out.

Rebirthing breathwork sessions are tailor made to fulfil your wants and your needs. Before every session the rebirther has a very healthy discussion with you about everything that is preventing you from living a full healthy and harmonious life. 

The Rebirther listens to you and understands your fears and traumas. Their sources are worked upon using conscious connected rhythmic breaths.

I noticed a few websites that described rebirthing breathwork as fast shallow breathing which in other words means hyperventilation. That is absolutely wrong. The truth is far from that, rebirthing therapy is a natural, safe, and pleasurable way to breathe and heal.

As a matter of fact, you naturally and instinctively breathe in the rebirthing breathwork pattern daily in your deep sleep to heal and rejuvenate ourselves with your life-force energy, prana. 

Nature has inbuilt it in us from birth. We did it effortlessly as children but with age, stress, and trauma there has been a distortion of our breath leading to reduction in the natural rhythmic breathing and thus self healing.

Rebirthing therapy takes you back to breathing in your natural rhythm which was unique and personal to you like a fingerprint.


rebirthing breatkwork, rebirthing breathwork experiences

There are many benefits that have encouraged millions around the world to take up Rebirthing Therapy. 

When conscious breathing is conducted under the guidance of a high quality Rebirther, the healing and growth that comes is manifold. 

  1. You learn to better cope with your anxiety and depression along with medicines and other support. 
  2. Your fears and insecurities start going away since you are working on their roots. 
  3. You can feel how the unpleasant & nasty memories have lost their grip on you that they have had for years and years.
  4. You release the emotions, tension, and stress that you have been holding on deep in your subconscious mind.
  5. There is exclusively work on your birth script and birth trauma to resolve lifelong unhealthy belief patterns. 
  6. The work on your specific negative beliefs does wonders to breakdown your biggest limiting beliefs. You start seeing yourself for all the potential you truly have
  7. Parental disapproval syndrome is also addressed so that you stop living and deciding from the space of guilt and regret towards your parents.
  8. Our Death Urge which is a combination of all the thoughts, beliefs, and habits that do not allow you to truly feel alive and enthusiastic is addressed. It includes suicidal thoughts that you may have.
  9. School drama, religious trauma, and other biggies of human trauma are also dealt with. 
  10. Spiritual purification practices are encouraged and inculcated in your day to day life.


rebirthing breathwork, How to do  rebirthing breathwork

Following two experiences have been described in the book “Manual for Rebirther” by Fanny Van Laere and Leonard Orr

Testimonial: Extract from: I am a mother, a woman, and a rebirther

(…) From the first session I could feel the energy in my body. I became aware of the blockages in my breathing. I felt the best relaxation of my life and… suddenly, I found myself in a dark place, warm, quiet, and totally safe. it was the place where I felt like home, a sacred place where I no longer needed to breathe. I was so full of life that my being was complete, charged with Prana and with awakened conscience. While discussing it with fanny later, I knew that i had relieved a part of my own birth and that my first breath had been very natural. – Estrella del Pozo

Testimonial from a student from the one year seminar

One of the things my mother would sometimes talk about was how difficult my birth was, “you were born with the umbilical cord wrapped around your neck seven times. The midwife had to turn over in order to free you from it, then she slapped you on the bottom when you started to cry.”

When I heard about rebirthing I thought “this is for me” and since then I learnt many things about myself and about my birth.

In the fourth session i felt an intense pain around the neck and I had spasms and I almost couldn’t breathe. I felt afraid of dying and started to panic but then I felt a feeling of intense release and well-being.

A few sessions later in a one year seminar, during my rebirthing breathwork training, to my own astonishment I found myself in a session getting on my knees and turning around several times. When I opened my eyes, the person who was rebirthing me said: “Good heavens! You turned seven times!” I burst out laughing, and with good reason. For a few minutes it seemed like the air was taking me and streamed in my lungs. I felt like I accomplished something very important. – Javier

Many such experiences have been observed by the participants undergoing rebirthing breathwork training around the world. The power of breath, prana, and human intent is at full display during the rebirthing breathwork.

In one of own client stories, her name is Veda (name changed for privacy), She just couldn’t find anyone good enough to marry or even date. There was always something missing, wrong, off about the guys she met. It is very much possible that all the prospective guys she met may not  be unsuitable for her. What struck me was that she never allowed herself to get into a relationship, no matter what. There was a big internal block in her which was stopping her from taking the next step. 

Over the 12 sessions of breathwork, counseling, and trauma release; Veda realised that her block for relationships were based on her difficult birth and also related to unavailability of her working mother to be with her during her infant days. She felt unloved, unworthy, and abandoned. She developed the belief that she cannot rely on anyone to be there for her. This specific negative was worked upon and released with the breathwork, affirmations, and with lots of self-love therapy.


Today with the corona virus rampaging across the world, I conduct the rebirthing sessions on Zoom and Skype. They have become a boon which has allowed rebirthing therapy to be done online.

My each session is between 90 to 120 minutes long. The session consists of breathwork and also a lot of other aspects of healing like affirmations, creative writing techniques, trauma tapping, and master NLP practices

If you are interested you may whatsapp me on +91-9819469778 for a discovery call or email me on [email protected]

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  1. How does Rebirthing compare to other forms of breathwork?

    Rebirthing breathwork has been found to be extremely effective to heal trauma. More so, the childhood trauma which leaves emotional and mental scars which in turn shapes our limiting beliefs and relationships with others and yourself. Millions of people from around the work have used Rebirthing Breathwork over the past 50 years to successfully heal the most sinister of trauma including sexual assault, domestic violence, religious violence, and even a deep sense of unworthiness and unloved feelings.

  2. What makes Rebirthing work?

    The breathwork activates the life-force energy also known as prana or chi. The rhythm of rebirthing breathwork induces a deep sense of relaxation and allows your subconscious mind to open up and all the inner long held stuff to flow.

  3. What Results to Expect with Rebirthing Breathwork

    Increased clarity of mind, lifting of brain fog, and also every day’s stress and tension release.

    Nervous system regulation

    Deep Relaxation and opening up of your subconscious to heal

    Compassionate yet powerful release of trauma, suppressed emotions that have caused chronic diseases and aliments.

    Helps you release childhood trauma which you always could understand logically (what and why it happened) but emotionally it still hurt you.

    Deep insights and intuitive guidance from within us – Our core, Our source

    Moving through energetic and physical blocks

    Rescue your breathing mechanism form shallow, inhibited breathing patterns.

  4. Is Rebirthing Breathwork compatible with other modalities or therapies

    ABSOLUTELY!! Rebirthing breathwork works seamlessly with all other modalities and therapies. It is recommended that you the information regarding other treatments that you are undergoing with your facilitator.