How do you find peace when logic and intellect do not help!?

Experience a holistic approach of Breathwork therapy and Neuroscience based counseling to help you find the peace, rest, and tranquility you have been seeking

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Completely true to the description. Here it’s not just venting out but healing urself from roots. For me the sessions happened in 2 parts- 1) venting were in Ameya highlights points which change my perspective & practical ways to get the change. 2) soul healing through breath work & other neurological techniques. For those who are not into yoga & meditation, the 2nd part might feel “blah” but if u real want to heal urself then just be patient & trust the process….it does wonders! Because time doesn’t heal things it makes u forget, the scares still persist. Another thing I loved about the therapy is that Ameya does not limit himself to the therapy time meaning- he takes efforts post the therapy to check how u r doing, whether you are practising the homework & most importantly- if I have a breakdown in the middle of the day at work he does not say that you book an appointment & then we will discuss, instead he immediately calls & gives hacks to handle myself during that moment of breakdown. Honest, trustworthy & amazing therapist!!!
13 January 2024
Amey is a great therapist and listens to our issues patiently. He understands and doesnt judge. He gives his best through his practice and methods. We feel very light after the session and I have seen a great improvement in myself after the sessions. I would definitely recommend Amey for any emotional counselling.
Pooja Bhalshankar
Pooja Bhalshankar
3 December 2022
This was the first time I was actually having a therapy, to be truthful Amey really helped me to heal myself. It was a life changing decision and I'm so happy I got the right person to guide me though it. The breath-work he teaches is really something ! It calms you down and makes you feel light as a feather instantly !
Shripal Bhati
Shripal Bhati
29 August 2022
It was an awesome experience, learning breath work, short breath, long breath, revealing blockage, past emotions , inner child was a different experience altogether, it also helped me the way I think and take life ahead and also my disturbed sleeping pattern improved drastically.
jyoti malde
jyoti malde
17 April 2022

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