How to Manifest Anything

How To Manifest Anything – 3 Super Secrets

Have you ever deeply thought about the technology of manifestation – How to manifest anything!?

Every journey, goal, or destination begins with a fleeting thought. The thought is a desire. There are numerous ways that a desire seeds in us. The more intensely it implants, the stronger it drives you.

Manifestation is a journey of purposefully bringing the things you want into your life. It’s quite a simple process. It just takes some practice to bring small shifts in your attitude, that forms a cascading effect, resulting in you becoming a creator rather than a passive receiver of life.

Today, take this time to truly understand the process of manifestation, and begin to see how small changes will bring big results.

The 5 Super Secrets on How To Manifest Anything

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I have talked about the super secrets first and then the usual honorable mentions have been cited. I have come to believe that manifestation is not just a physical thing.

Before it can happen in the outer world there are many things or steps that need to happen in our inner world. The super secrets address the mechanisms of the inner world, the subtle world.

So, drumroll… Are you ready to check out the five super secrets of how to manifest anything?

Super Secret No. 1 – The 3 Pillars of Manifestation

During my conversations with my friends, relatives, and colleagues about manifestation, I realized that many use the manifestation interchangeably with outcome.

Do you think this way too? Take a moment to introspect and just think about it – “Do I equate manifestation with outcome ONLY?”

You are not alone. For many, achieving the desired result is the only form of manifestation. Although, that is not wrong, but there is a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

Manifestation is a process like birth, growing up, losing fat, or building your muscles. Like any process, it has parts. The 3 Pillars of How to Manifest Anything are:

  1. The Power of Resolve (aka Sankalp Shakti)
  2. Will Power (aka Iccha Shakti)
  3. The Power of Action (aka Kriya Shakti)

Did you notice the use of the word “Power” in all three. Here the word power also means fuel and not just in terms of human quality.

So, the fuel of how to manifest anything is made up of your resolve, willpower, and your ability to take action.

Super Secret No. 2 – Not Words But Intensity of Feelings

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The comos, existence, universe, or nature – whatever you believe or whatever you call it, is alive and growing, throbbing with all the possibilities. It has intelligence!

That intelligence is not in the traditional sense. The truth is –

More than what you say, you attract “what you feel”. The universe, nature, responds to intensity and depth.

What it means is that – when it comes to how to manifest anything, nature listens more intently to the intensity of your emotions, the attached feelings, than your words per se.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest a loving and supportive relationship. You are praying, maybe even writing it down in your journal for it to actualize. Yet, if the idea of a relationship makes you super uneasy, and fills you up with unpleasant emotions due to your past experiences, then nature is going to give you a relationship and a partner that will be opposite to what you have been asking for.

If in your head you have just gone, “WTF… WHY!?”

Its because your attachment to the hurt and the pain of your past relationship(s) is much more than to your need for a happy and loving relationship.

Do you see what I a m saying? On the path of how to manifest anything, you have to create and maintain positive and pleasant emotions along with your intentions and resolve. You must truly and deeply feel happy for what you are asking for.

If what you ask for and how you feel about it are opposite in nature, like in the relationship example above, then, nature will answer your feelings. Period!

Super Secret No. 3 – Right Thing At The Right Time

Let me explain with the help of the above relationship example on how this fits with how to manifest anything.

You want a loving and supportive relationship but are a big mess inside. You are miserable, lonely, hurt, and in pain. Now, before you can start asking for a partner and looking out for your next relationship, you first need to heal the pain and hurt.

Before you can start loving someone else and giving love, you need to start loving yourself again. Most people around you jump the gun. They are so desperate to get back in a relationship with someone else, they have forgotten about their relationship with their own self.

What is inside, will flow out. That is a given! So, it only makes sense that you take a good amount of time to heal, recover, and find love in yourself again. And that needs to be your first manifestation goal – A happy, chirpy, warm and snuggly me before looking for a relationship.

Know The Purpose of Your Manifestation

Now, answer this question – Do you know more about what you don’t want than what you?

In order to understand how to manifest anything, you need to clear on the purpose. You need to have your Ikigai in place. Get clarity on what you want, why do you want it, and most important is it something born of your volition or are you busy fulfilling the goals of your parents and teachers.

Again looking back at the relationship example – are you making a list of qualities you don’t want in your next partner or are you making a list of qualities you want in your partner. What is your focus?

Envision Your Future Self

Imagination is an amazing quality you had as a child and it came to you naturally. But most of you haven’t practiced it since you started seeing and collecting all the unpleasant things around you. You are out of practice, so give yourself all the time to develop this instinctual skill.

Truth be told, The most magnificent (and lethal, if I might say so) machine on this planet, our brain, does not know the difference between physical reality and imagination. Close your eyes and picture eating your favorite ice-cream or a pizza, you are going to salivate. Within a few seconds, your mouth will water. The thought created the response even though there is no ice-cream. Just think, this is the only reason why porn is a trillion dollar industry. Imagine what would have happened to all the porn in the world if we could differentiate!?

Now that you understand the strength of your imagination, use it to visualize your future self. How to manifest anything comes with practice. Emotionally connecting to the future you.

  1. How would you, from the future, wake up in the morning?
  2. What habits and morning rituals would you have?
  3. Who would your future self spend the time with?
  4. What would be the response of your future self to crisis and problems?

Close your eyes and run through these events. If you’re having a tough time envisioning, then a journal can be a very efficient tool. Write a letter as your future self from the person you are today. Imagine you are1 years or 2 years or 5 years into the future. Choose a time that instinctively feels comfortable. Focus on the changes you have accomplished and how those changes have transformed you – physically, emotionally, financially.

Close your eyes and hold the emotion of what it is like to be this new person and then write down the emotion attached to every accomplishment. Use different words. Don’t keep using the same five words again and again. Continually repeat this adding more emotion and detail as it naturally comes to you.

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